Lasso, Inc.

I bring customers joy with top-notch customizations that mold the SageCRM and Sage 300 ERP software to their business.


Used a development component to allow users to create dynamic groups for marketing that are based on customer purchasing habits.

Built an Opportunity- oriented workflow to enable sales staff to enter and track prospective business opportunities with all clients, assign a profit potential to each opportunity, and track conversions over time.

Created a reporting mechanism for a Vice President to view all activity of her direct reports for any time period.

From doing onsite audits, delivered a solution that allows customer service staff to streamline input of customer calls, run reports on cases, and reduce manual clicks by 25%.

Configured branded mail merges to generate and e-mail collections letters to contacts with outstanding balances.

And with every project I deliver kind and intelligent trainings that ensure that everyone on the team gains fluency with the software.

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I work with several best-in-class software partners.


I work as a subcontractor to DataQuest, Inc. DataQuest is a full-service Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) reseller. Sage 300 ERP is a standard for manufacturers and distributors who want a comprehensive, customized solution that handles all areas of the business including—accounting, inventory management, labor scheduling and customer resource management (CRM). DataQuest has a sterling reputation for deep knowledge of computer science, IT issues, and Sage products.

CRM Together

CRM Together, based in Dublin, is the powerhouse behind Accelerator, the add-on for SageCRM that creates a seamless bridge between native desktop environments such as Word, Internet Explorer and Outlook and SageCRM. Accelerator connects everyday office tools with CRM in a way that no other product and no amount of discipline can match.

Mazzullo, Inc

Mazzullo, Inc is a provider of business software solutions, offering installation and data conversion; setup or optimization of internal accounting processes and procedures; staff training; integration with other corporate information systems; customization of reports, forms and features; and any necessary modifications, whenever they are required.

About Arline Welty

I enjoy working with this software and learning about its depth. I come from a family of entrepreneurs who have made their living by honing a craft, and I am following in that tradition. My art theory training gives me an eye for design, and my studies at University of Chicago gave me the critical tools to approach thorny issues thoughtfully and methodically. I feel incredibly lucky to be partnering with DataQuest and working with clients to deliver software solutions.

Arline Welty


I will help you maximize what you can do with SageCRM.

Many businesses purchase software but don't get the full value from the investment. This is where I come in. I will help you unlock the feature set that is baked into SageCRM and will build customizations that just make life easier.


Certified SageCRM Implementation consultant

[Training for] SageCRM and Sage 300 ERP Integration certification